The 5 Metrics You Need To Track Social Marketing's Impact & Influence

John Follett

B2B Data GoodData

Social advertising has clearly become an integral tool for B2B marketers, and its influence is growing rapidly. The proliferation of paid social content produced by marketers is only accelerating that growth.

Marketers can leverage organic social to keep customers engaged and accelerate conversion rates, but paid social advertising is now emerging as a valuable tactic throughout the sales cycle, particularly because it gives marketers control over what is show, when and to whom.

Marketers will spend more than $10 billion in 2015 on paid social advertising, according to eMarketer, a 31% increase compared with 2014. Given that investment, marketers are under pressure to track the performance of paid social at deeper levels, such as market, geography and topics as they gravitate to more mature social analytics models.

Research from Convertro, AOL’s research arm, suggests that paid social advertising yields 25% higher conversions than earned social media, and a promoted tweet converts at three times the rate of an organic tweet.

This webinar takes place on August 19th at 10am EDT during our inaugural B2B Marketing Data Virtual Summit.  Join Emily Rugaber, Director of Best Practices at GoodData who will explain how marketers can prove the ROI of their social investments and provide customer examples to bring those solutions to life.


Topics covered:

  • How to prove the ROI of paid social advertising
  • How to use analytics to evolve social strategy
  • How marketers can track and the importance of tracking the metrics of paid social advertising, such as:
    • Ad spend versus impressions and engagements/clicks;
    • Website conversions, which can be tracked by promoting specific calls to actions that send viewers to your web site;
    • Number of viewers who clicked on a social media ad and then “liked” or “followed” your brand;
    • Page post engagement, such as likes, comments, shares, video plays and photo views.
    • Mobile app installs and engagements if you’re using paid social media to encourage downloads;
    • Event responses from a social ad; and
    • Views of a promoted video.
  • How to use predictive analytics to identify where your customers are going to make sure you are one step ahead of them in the most relevant channel


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