Kanban Boards in Under 3 Minutes


Kanban Boards in Under 3 Minutes

Is your marketing team working together or is everyone on a different page?

Don’t miss the opportunity to let your marketing focus their collective efforts by managing projects with Kanban Boards.

In this post, you will learn:

  • The Origin of Kanban Boards
  • About the Kanban Method
  • 3 Benefits of Kanban Boards
  • Kanban Boards for Marketing Teams

Learn how Kanban Boards will help you and your marketing team to get more accomplished. This simple and efficient way of managing tasks will help your team know what to do and when to do it utilizing visual cues.


The Origin of Kanban Boards

Kanban Boards were first used in the late 1940s at Toyota’s factories to balance supplies with production. Workers were able to share the inventory levels of materials through a card named “Kanban” (meaning “Billboard” or ‘signboard” in Japanese).

At the beginning of the 21st Century, key players within the software industry quickly realized that Kanban could be used to change how they delivered products and services. With an increased focus on efficiency and advances in technology, Kanban left the confines of the automotive industry and was increasingly applied to other complex sectors.


What is the Kanban method?

Kanban is used across all industries - from small agencies and start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations. Almost any business function can benefit from applying the principles of the Kanban Methodology to design, manage, and improve the flow of tasks.

Kanban provides visual information to create a “picture” of a team’s work. Information that would typically be shared verbally during a status meeting is documented on a single board for everyone to see, improving transparency across the team.


3 Benefits of Kanban Boards

  1. Visualize your workflow
  2. Hit your deadlines by working within set targets
  3. See who's doing what


Kanban Boards for Marketing Teams

Demand Metric has built an online Kanban Board for marketing teams. Use our project management app to see all of your marketing team's tasks in one place. 

Quickly discover what has already been done, what’s in progress, and what’s going to be started next. As your team members complete their tasks, cards will move through the various stages until they are complete.


Analyst Bottom Line

Need a way to visualize all of your team’s tasks in one place? Demand Metric provides a simple productivity platform that will help you visualize the “big picture.”

Check out our “What is Agile Marketing” post or click here to book a demo.