[New Research] The Impact of Content Effectiveness on Sales & Marketing

John Follett

2015 SESummit - Showpad

Content is a nexus between the sales and marketing functions in most organizations: marketing produces the content and sales uses it. The dynamics of this content process are not difficult to understand, but content creation, deployment, usage and feedback loop is often a point of friction between sales and marketing.

In this presentation, Demand Metric and Showpad share the results of their joint research that provides insights into the sales-marketing relationship around content, and how it affects sales interactions. Because content is so often the key to successful sales interactions, it merits constant attention and improvement efforts. The information shared during this presentation will help improve the content process to get better results from it.

This special keynote presentation will be happening at 12:30 PM EDT on September 29th at our Sales Enablement Virtual Summit. We hope to see you there!