A Roadmap for B2B Personalization: How SAP Uses Account-Based Marketing

John Follett

B2B Data Demandbase customer


In today’s competitive, multi-channel buyer ecosystem, creating a cohesive buyer’s journey is critical to driving engagement and winning customers. But simultaneously, buyers are doing more research before the hand-raise and remain anonymous for 60-90% of their journey.


SAP recognized that to move these buyers through the funnel, they would need a personalization strategy. By taking an account-based approach, Sibylle Gerer, Director of Digital Marketing Strategy, was able to reach priority prospects with personalized messages, leading to 4x on-site engagement, an 18% decrease in bounce rates and a 30% increase in conversions.


In this session, Siby will share a case study of SAP’s account-based personalization strategy, highlighting best practices, including:

  • Identifying key segments and prioritizing accounts
  • Leveraging data from the Sales team and customers to drive higher performance
  • Designing personalized creative to capture key prospects
  • Ongoing measurement to optimize and evangelize efforts


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