How to Transform Data into Insights to Create a Winning Strategy for Competitive Advantage

John Follett

B2B Data VEM


The world is just too dynamic and the pace of change is just too fast for marketers to rely on intuition and experience. Data of all kinds is all the rage.


The importance of data is well known and marketers are ideally situated to leverage actionable data. Successfully combining data and analysis helps marketing identify new customer segments that will deliver higher profits, current customers with the greatest value potential, and new products that will be the most relevant both to new and current customers.


Yet many marketing organizations experience problems when attempting to translate data into insights and use these to inform strategy. Today’s hyper-competitive business environment necessitates the creation and execution of data-driven strategy.


On August 19th at 8:30am EDT join Laura Patterson, President of VisionEdge Marketing, as she shares a practial approach to effectively leveraging data to drive strategy. Join this session to:


  • Understand the role of data and analytics
  • Learn how to properly evaluate data and transform it into actionable insights
  • Use information to create a data-driven marketing strategy


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