A Marketing Revenue Process That Never Fails

John Follett

Marketing Revenue Process

In 2011 Danaher (2014 estimated revenue of $20.0 B) approached Eric Albertson’s company to help them provide a repeatable process for generating marketing revenue with the consistent precision Danaher relies upon for their world renowned manufacturing process. This process is an agile, powerful and reliable process for producing above trend line growth in sales-ready leads that turn into revenue. This talk will be an entertaining trip through the steps in this process that will help you on your way to achieving new heights in revenue production.

This session takes place at during our Feb 25th Marketing Technology Virtual Summit. What You’ll Learn:

  • The specific reasons most marketing programs fail to deliver above trend line revenue growth and sales-ready leads that sales will prioritize and close.
  • The simple trick to durable marketing and sales alignment.
  • The three things you must do if your marketing programs are to succeed in 2015 and beyond.
  • Why Content Marketing as practiced by most and advocated by many vendors is largely a waste of time and money if producing marketing revenue quickly is a priority.
  • Why the battle is not so much about Inbound or Outbound but more about relevance and how you can systematically achieve that relevance.
  • A process that your competition will struggle to imitate and will likely never catch up to.
  • A way to track KPI’s that takes one page and allows little room for debate as to the success or failure of your marketing programs.

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