[Keynote Presentation] Digital Marketing Benchmark Study Results - November 19th @ 9:00am EST

John Follett

Digital Marketing Benchmark Session 900

In a Demandbase and Demand Metric joint study, over 90% of participants rated digital marketing as important or very important to achieving marketing objectives. The term “digital marketing” is now so broad it is difficult to represent all that happens under its definition. This study looked closely at the current lineup of digital marketing strategies to understand what's in use and how well they are working. In the fast changing realm of digital marketing, knowing what works well is a source of competitive advantage.

Join Demandbase and Demand Metric for a keynote presentation to get the results of this digital marketing benchmark study whose scope includes: digital marketing goals, strategies, solutions, metrics, market targets, challenges and directions. Learn about the current state of digital marketing and get some benchmarks to fine-tune your own efforts.

You're invited to attend a special keynote presentation during our Demand Generation Virtual Summit.

We hope to see you on November 19th!

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