Using Video Content to Engage, Score and Qualify Leads - November 19th, 2014

John Follett

Vidyard Session HP2

So you're producing more video content for your online marketing and demand generation programs. Your audiences love it and it's proving to be a better way to educate prospects and inspire action. Now wouldn't it be great if you could track WHO is watching each video, how long they are staying engaged, and use that data to enhance your lead scoring and nurturing programs? Well, this is your lucky day! On November 19th, join Tyler Lessard, CMO from Vidyard to learn how to:

  • Use video as an integrated part of content marketing and email marketing programs
  • Identify individual viewers and track their viewing histories across all distribution channels
  • Push video viewing activity data into Marketing Automation to enhance lead scoring and qualification
  • Use video analytics to optimize videos for engagement and conversion
  • Use video strategically to generate more MQLs and convert prospects faster

This webinar takes place at our upcoming Demand Generation Virtual Event. 

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