The Importance Of Engagement As A Social Media Metric

John Follett

There is a sea of social media metrics out there to consider at any given moment. The variety is as deep and as large as the internet itself and the creators of social media metrics software will all tell you that their metrics are the best.

When going through this process, try not to get overwhelmed. It is good to zone in on the most important metrics out there, but which are the most important? Here is one of the more essential metrics and why it is important.

Social Media Metric

Engagement measures the amount of chatter there is online there on your product or service. It is also capable of telling you if there are any pings, likes or comments about your product or service. Essentially, engagement means just how much engagement there is from users on the internet. It will provide you with an idea of how much interaction there is between the average user and your product; the more interaction the better.

This metric can help you change your message and presence out there on the internet. You may want to make slight tweaks to your message and measure the effectiveness in real time. This can save you a boat load of time with your viral marketing campaign. It is not a good thing to despair at any time during your campaign, however. If the engagement numbers aren’t good it is advisable to make minor tweaks to your message until the numbers begin to trend the other way.

A good way to achieve engagement numbers is by looking at the most popularly shared images. It is easy to just look at the things that are currently being shared and adjust it to fit your campaign. Social media users will likely jump all over the post, retweet it and share it with friends.

Engagement is one of the more interesting metrics. It will show you just how personable your media blitz is. It is difficult to achieve visibility in the market without being likable on social media, no matter the product or service you are providing.