Project Management Resource Explained

John Follett

In project management terms, a resource is something you can utilize to achieve a certain goal. In this article, we are going to refer to this in regards to the completion of a complex project.

There are times when it can be difficult to recognize all the resources at your disposal, particularly in a business setting, so it is important to list your resources. You might not even know how many resources you have available to you, so you may want to consult with a third party or receive an effective project management resource to help.

Project Management Resource

When creating this project resource, it is important to remember that the most obvious resources you have are your team members. These people are capable of carrying out specific tasks and they can do it on a schedule. This is crucial in achieving your goal of completing a project because these tasks need to be woven together to create an end result.

However, there are other resources at your disposal that you might not have been aware of. As an example, you should list equipment as a resource. The computers you will use, the office space and anything else lying around that will help you achieve your goals. Perhaps there is a projector for presentations to streamline communications that can be listed as a resource. Anything and everything that you can physically use, including space, is a resource.

Funding is a large resource that cannot be missed. Rarely is anything done in business without capital, including the completion of a project. A good project management software system can help you tie your funding to the completion of specific tasks within your project and it can tell you just how much money you are spending on your project overall.

Lastly, there are other complex resources. The ones you have that can be exhausted by your team members and the resources that will be created by your team members will eventually be added to your list. These are known to as storable resources and can be depleted and replenished during the course of working on a project. Non-storable resources are those that need to be replenished before any project is started regardless of the circumstance. A good project management consultant can teach you the terminology and how to use quality project management software that will guide you through the complex world of resources.

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