Utilizing Social Media Channel Tools To Reach New Goals

John Follett

If you have spent time looking into which social media channels to pursue, you are probably at the stage where you are wondering which tools should be utilized to get started.

One of the many social media channel tools we advise you to utilize to get started is the social media channel selection tool. This tool can be used alone or as part of your greater Social Media Marketing Methodology. Using the channel selection tool you can list and evaluate numerous social media platforms in one place, and the tool allows you to assign percentages to strategic fit, impact, and feasibility while putting a number value on each channel as it pertains to each of the categories that fall under the previously mentioned headers.

Social Media Channel Tools

These calculations allow you to ultimately view which social media channels are going to be the ones you want to go further with, which ones you feel okay about leaving as is for the immediate future, those you see a future growth potential in, and those that you want to get rid of altogether.

Another tool we recommend is the Social Media Channel Map. This tool allows you to break down your strategy by channel. It also lets you plan your strategy path of success by grouping channels together in bubbles and detailing how you plan to approach each of the channels by creating goals, assigning an employee to lead the project, and by acknowledging KPIs (key performance indicators).

These tools can help with social media conversions, breaking down the metrics channel by channel to give you a clear indication of which channel is a driving force behind customer growth and new customer attention, and which channel you are lagging on. Social media channel tools keep you informed, and allow you to see how much you are achieving, by what method, and where. This will enable you to put focus where it needs to be, remain consistent with what works and retool what doesn’t.

At the end of the day, social media channel tools help you find the answers to these questions of whether you are meeting your goals and if not, why not. Having these answers and more at your fingertips will help propel you forward in social media marketing success.

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