Reviewing An Effective Tradeshow Program Template

John Follett

Tracking the events and costs associated with a tradeshow is important, and it is critical to determining the overall success of your company’s participation in that show. When evaluating an event, a tradeshow program template can be very effective.

There are a number of factors to consider when looking at a template. A tradeshow program template needs to have a number of elements in order to be effective. Without the ability to track and analyze critical data, participating in a tradeshow becomes an unnecessary risk.

Tradeshow Program Template

Travel costs can become one of the most expensive, and unpredictable, variables you will encounter, which is why the discussion of accommodations becomes important. Your tradeshow program template needs to break down each of the costs. One of the reasons travel expenses can get out of control is the kind of socializing that often occurs. This is a part of tradeshow expenses that you learn to monitor quickly.

Another element of expenses that needs to considered in your tradeshow program template is labor hours. This is particularly important for the team that sets up the booth and runs it. In most cases, the booth is populated by sales and marketing people. While a marketing team is typically paid a salary, a sales team is often compensated with a commission. As you develop your template, you need to assign a realistic labor number to each individual that works your booth. This is very important in helping to track costs.

In your tradeshow review, a good place to start is to breakdown the number of people that visited your booth compared to the number of people who attended the show. While it is not always realistic to expect every attendee to visit your booth, you do want to gain the highest percentage to make sure it is worth while attending.

Another important part of your template is tracking actual sales that occurred as a result of the tradeshow itself. The more you can learn about how to repeat sales success at each tradeshow, the higher you can push your ROI for each show that you participate in.

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