Metrics To Evaluate Your Tradeshow Success

John Follett

Businesses love metrics because they allow you to effectively measure success. The difficult part regarding metrics is focusing on numbers that are relevant.

A marketing report can look like a combination of meaningful figures if you are not sure what you are looking for. Before you start planning your next tradeshow participation, you should spend time developing metrics you can use to help you determine if the show was a success. To do that, you need to understand what kinds of results you are looking to measure and use.

Tradeshow Metrics

In the world of tradeshow metrics, something that should be measured is the number of people spoken to at your booth. There is a wide variety of reasons as to why people pass by your booth and do not stop to talk, however these are objections that can be overcome. Gathering contact information for interested parties is easy because individuals will typically sign up for information. If you can lower the percentage of people that pass by your booth and do not speak to you, then you will increase your tradeshow success.

Another metric to consider is your cost per hour. With tradeshows that are out of town, this cost applies to every hour that the tradeshow is taking place. Three-day tradeshows have 72 hours to account for, and that includes booth rentals and hotel rooms. The point to this metric is to lower your cost per hour while increasing your tradeshow ROI. It will make your future tradeshows more cost effective.

Some of the more common tradeshow ROI metrics include the hard costs for materials, equipment rentals, and labor for set-ups and tear-downs. Remember that using these metrics in relation to the entire tradeshow as opposed to just the time you are at your booth will provide you with more accurate numbers to work with. In the quest for increasing your tradeshow ROI, it becomes increasingly important to make sure that everything possible is taken into account.

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