New Year's Resolutions for Marketers - Part III

Jerry Rackley

Editors note: this is the third post in a series we have invited some of our partners and members to contribute.

Mark Ogne is Marketing Leader - Transformative Content at Acxiom.  Read more of Mark's insights on his blog. He shares these exhortations for marketers for this new year:

Recommendations, trends and challenges will be well aligned in 2012. Empowered consumers, proliferation of media options and the torrent of data will make it very difficult for brands to identify and understand their high value audiences, to place media impressions at the right time and place, and distill insight as a byproduct of big data.

Three items I suggest that marketers keep in mind during the year:

  1. Many brands struggle to bring together anonymous, semi-identifiable and identifiable data to form a solid view if their customer engagement. A strategic focus to digest these forms of data and the ability to recognize and address customers in inbound and outbound conversations will become increasingly important.
  2. To get beyond rear view mirror campaign ROI, marketers should facilitate Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) investment decisions where they align customer investment strategy relative to a combined current and future CLV potential. Ultimately, the objective should be to increase customer portfolio value, a close proxy to increasing shareholder value.
  3. Marketers should enhance channel program execution with customer-based focus and message control. Learn how to better market at the customer level, this will be the trend to discuss next year!

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