Is Your Brand Ready for the Future of Marketing?

John Follett

Technology is rapidly transforming the way business is conducted, and customers’ expectations and behaviors are changing just as fast. What do marketers do when “business as usual” is no longer an option? They innovate.

Anticipating and embracing the future of the marketing industry is essential to business growth. To help light your way, the ANA has created ANA Marketing Futures, a new portal that offers deep dives into a dozen important topics.

ANA Marketing Futures is designed to give marketers the insights and resources they need to master innovation, leverage cutting-edge trends, and position marketing as the vital element in their company’s future.

We encourage you to visit the ANA Marketing Futures hub to some find inspiration for your brand’s next big idea. 

Resource Reference 

This manifesto will discuss the modern marketing dilemma and status quo, and then describe the different kind of thinking required to manage modern marketing performance.