Webinar State of Union: Sales Enablement Edition

John Follett

2015 SESummit - TSN

On June 17th, John Follett, CMO of Demand Metric, and Matthew Ley, President of The Streaming Network, joined forces to discuss the current State of the Webinar Union providing insights into how to map your Webinar Content so that you can accelerate prospects through the buying cycle.

In this, the 3rd installment in our series, John and Matt will be discussing how marketers are teaming up with sales leadership, L&D and other cross-functional teams to better enable sales forces using Webinars and virtual engagement tools.

Matt and his team have produced over 15,000 Webinars and Virtual events over the past 8 years and; in this webinar, we will be coming to you live from their corporate studio where they routinely host their Better Webinars series.

This webinar will be a discussion where we will cover:

  • The Webinar as a sales training tool
  • Getting sales buy-in and alignment on marketing initiatives
  • Ensuring everyone is using the same voice when talking to customers

This special keynote session takes place at 11:30 AM EDT on September 29th at our Sales Enablement Virtual Summit. We hope to see you there!