How Top B2B Marketers Use Video to Generate 1000's of New Leads

John Follett


Linda West is a true digital marketing ninja driving huge quarter-over-quarter growth in qualified lead flow to the Act-On sales team. And guess what: over 25% of these new leads are now coming from video content and targeted video marketing efforts. No way! Yes way. So what's her secret, and why is she betting so big on video? How are other high performing marketers using video content and video analytics to increase CTRs, generate way more leads and improve lead scoring and qualification?

Join this discussion with marketing practitioners and industry experts to find out why video is becoming so critical to digital marketing efforts, the latest best practices for using video to convert audiences, and how to build out a more strategic video marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals (like making $$$).

This session takes place on June 17th at the Digital Media Virtual Summit . We hope to see you there!

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