7 Ways Your Business Can Generate New Leads Today

John Follett

It’s really simple for business owners to fall into a routine while completing their everyday business tasks. Between controlling costs and fighting fires, along with managing employees and mastering CRM secrets to give your company the edge, business expansion often gets pushed aside.

However, it’s important to make business expansion a priority. One simple way to increase business is to generate new leads; keep in mind that 79 percent of leads never convert into sales (so you need to generate a lot of them). Here is the good news: You don’t have to commit to a series of complicated strategies to come up with new leads. Take a look at these ways to generate new leads today:

Operate a Logical Website

Go online to your business website. Is it simple to navigate? Make sure the sitemap is intuitive to avoid losing potential leads. It should not be difficult for customers to contact your business for help, or place an order. Make the experience as hassle-free as possible so your customers will come back.

Tap Into Your Own Network

Yes, you can attend countless networking events and try to meet people who may need your business offerings. But it’s also smart to consider your personal group of relatives and friends. These people may be the very leads you are looking for – or may be able to help you find some new ones.

Make Every Single Thing on Your Website Shareable

Anything your users can do on your website should be linked to their Facebook, Twitter, or other social media pages so their friends can see it too. Make your social buttons visible – turn your regular readers into social media ambassadors for your business. Lots of leads are generated in thanks to readers sharing videos or articles they found on a website.

Place Important Information in High Profile Locations on Your Website

Contact forms, calls to action, and other key information should be placed “above the fold.” This means it should be at a location where users don’t have to scroll down to find it. The longer and harder a person has to search for what they need, the more likely it is that they will leave your website and find a competitor’s whose is easier to navigate.

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Around one-third of all website traffic comes from smartphones. Is your website mobile ready? If your site still is not easily readable on a smartphone screen, you need to make it that way, pronto. It’s simple – you can make your site mobile ready in just 30 seconds. Take those 30 seconds to do it – you can’t generate leads if site visitors can’t read the information on your website.

Collect and Use Your Analytics

Collect data, and delve into it. Examine which methods are the most successful at generating leads and build on those. Determine which methods aren’t doing much good, and reevaluate whether or not you want to continue pursuing those tactics.

Conduct Innovative Contests and Giveaways

To promote your brand, hold contests and offer premium items as prizes. People love to join these contests for the competition to win and the enticing prize offers. Contests are an excellent way to earn more Facebook likes and convert them into email signups. This can give your business a great return on investment – better than hundreds of pieces of content and save you your valuable time. This is just one of many ways to offer your customers more value.

Lead generation is a vital part of any small business; both brick-and-mortar shops and online enterprises need it to survive. Your business ship won’t sail without leads, so make it a priority to keep a continuous flow of leads that can help your business see great success.

What are your best lead-generating tips?


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