Crowds, Content and Connections Rule at Demand Metric Virtual Summit

John Follett

By Clare Price

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If you think industry conferences are all about racing madly from one event to the next, lugging around a heavy bag stuffed with brochures and giveaways, trying to keep your appointments in check and your feet from burning. Think again.

You can, (and last week more than 400 people did), enjoy all of the benefits of a conference and expo from the comfort of your office - in your bunny slippers if you prefer. The Virtual Summit from Demand Metric is here.

As one industry veteran commented about the show, “First time at a virtual expo. Felt like the real thing, at least in my mind. Feet aren't sore, no expensive petrol/train/hotels required and no time lost travelling. This has got to be the future.”

Crowds. More than 1500 people registered and 400 attended “live” at the Demand Metric’s Sales Enablement Virtual Summit on April 3.

Content. The highlight of the event was the unveiling of two new Demand Metric Decision Models – the Sales Enablement Framework and the new Sales Enablement Maturity Model, presented by Demand Metric CMO John Follett. Unlike static vendor positioning models from other firms, the Demand Metric Maturity Model is a holistic organizational improvement model that shows modern marketers how to move through growth stages from Undefined to World Class. Demand Metric also introduced six new Sales Enablement Solution Studies for CRM, Marketing Automation, Knowledge Management, CPQ, Communication Tools and Sales Intelligence.

Attendees were treated to 20 live and On Demand Presentations spanning the Sales Enablement landscape from Building a Sales Enablement System to Winning the Complex Sale. More than 3500 resources and tools were downloaded from the Resource Center during the day.

Connections. Crowds wandered the expo halls visiting with sponsors including Callidus, DocuSign, MindMatrix, Act-On, Skura, Showpad, Kerns, Ifbyphone, Newzsocial, Corporate Visions, Xoombi, Sales for Life and the American Society for Training and Development. The Communications Lounge stayed lively throughout the day with many speakers stopping by to provide extra insights for attendees following their presentations.

For registered attendees, the Demand Metric Virtual Summit will be online and available for the next 30 days.

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