Demand Metric to Unveil Sales Enablement Maturity Model at Upcoming Virtual Summit

Jesse Hopps

Maturity model will allow organizations to evaluate the strength and success of their Sales Enablement initiatives.

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London, ON – March 26, 2014 – Demand Metric is set to unveil the Sales Enablement Maturity Model at its upcoming Virtual Summit, “Sales Enablement for Success: Research, Experts, Tools and Solutions” on April 3rd. The premier Maturity Model will address Sales Enablement and will serve as the foundation of the more than 80 premium Demand Metric Sales Enablement resources Demand Metric will give to attendees of the Virtual Summit.

Demand Metric Maturity Models enable organizations, marketing departments and technology vendors to evaluate the strength of their organization or solution against well-defined, critical success factors.  These holistic Maturity Models describe four key stages in the journey to maturity and growth: Undefined, Progressive, Mature and World Class. The Demand Metric Maturity Model provides an objective framework for rating the maturity of vendors, their technology solutions and the organizations that use them.

Demand Metric Maturity Models are supported with tools and other resources to help vendors and organizations using vendor solutions to progress to more advanced states of maturity. “As our Maturity Models detail the progression from one stage to the other, we give companies and vendors the strategies and tools they can implement to move forward from stage to stage,” says Clare Price, vice-president of research for Demand Metric. “Our vision for these Maturity Models is to foster improvement throughout the organization. Not only will they provide an objective framework for assessing maturity in a number of marketing technology and practice areas, they also point to tools and resources for improvement.”

The initial release of a Demand Metric Maturity Model addresses Sales Enablement, and its release will take place on Wednesday, April 3, 2014 during the Virtual Summit. The Sales Enablement Maturity Model enables organizations to determine in which of the four stages – Undefined, Progressive, Mature and World-Class – their Sales Enablement initiative belongs by considering eight key organizational components: Orientation, Leadership, Technology/Infrastructure, Alignment, Sales Support Tools, Process, Metrics and Results.

“Using the Demand Metric Sales Enablement Maturity Model, an organization can highlight achievements, discover gaps and focus on challenges needed to increase company success,” continues Price.  “Organizations should use our Sales Enablement Maturity Model as a roadmap to develop a World-Class Sales Enablement Function.”

The Demand Metric Sales Enablement Maturity Model is part of the content bundle available at no charge to attendees of the Virtual Summit, “Sales Enablement for Success: Research, Experts, Tools and Solutions.”  The Virtual Summit opens at 9:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on Thursday, April 3, 2014. Participation in the Sales Enablement Virtual Summit is free for attendees. Those wishing to attend simply need to visit the Virtual Summit registration page.


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