Cloud Computing: Why it's Great for Small Businesses

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Cloud computing has come a long way and is now a mainstream technology tool for business. The cloud services industry grew to $45 billion worldwide in 2012. Driving that number were the six million small businesses that purchased their first cloud service that year.  Having cloud computing is one of many ways to build a great business reputation because you can better care for your customers. Here are other reasons how small businesses can benefit from the Cloud. 

There isn’t technology to worry about.
Think of cloud services like it were a car rental. If you rent a car the rental company, not you as the renter, handles any repairs and breakdown assistance. The same is true of cloud services: you sign up, use the software without installing it, maintaining it, downloading updates or keeping it secure. You don’t need a server or other IT investment that larger suites of software require. It is all taken care of for you by your service provider. Therefore, you can devote less time to your technology and do more useful things that help your business. There are ways technology makes small businesses big and cloud computing is one of them.

It is predictable and economical, a small business owner’s friend.
A very great benefit of the cloud is financial. Cloud computing doesn’t charge some hefty fee upfront; instead, just a low, predictable flat-rate fee is paid each month per user for the software. You have the ability to size up or down, as your business needs require. As you hire new staff, you can make changes at that time and the same applies if the number of staff members decrease. Cloud services are now an operational expense and one that you can modify to adapt to the emerging needs of your business. Plus, you never have to jump through hoops for access to the latest version. It’s immediately made available to all subscribers, which keeps your business at peak competitiveness. 

You can work from any location.
Gone are the days that software only works on the computer in which it was installed. Today’s small business owners don’t work exclusively at a desk in an office. They work from their homes, from their cars, from the airport and in hotels. So many businesses are switching to cloud computing because with the cloud, you will always have access to your software. Simply log in and you can pick back up where you stopped. Plus, you data is stored securely. If your office is broken into or you accidentally forget your laptop somewhere, your data will still be safe – and you can access it online from another device.

Cloud services offer something unique to its users. It’s agile, convenient, and predictable. It’s a way small business can launch websites, mobile, and social applications, too. Many businesses are placing their trust in the Cloud and running their small businesses with new-found ease.

Why do you think the Cloud benefits small businesses?

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