Deciphering A Project Management Maturity Level Assessment

John Follett

PMM, or Project Management Maturity, is a process that involves studying the maturity levels of a project and comparing these to the components involved to create effective plans of advancement for a project.

A proper PMM level assessment will cover all of the five basic levels of maturity so that you are aware of every each relevant part of your business.

Project Management Maturity Level Assessment

The standard levels according to most models and templates include:

-Initial Process

-Structured Process and Standards

-Organizational Standards and Institutionalized Process

-Managed Process

-Optimizing Process

Assessing these levels and understanding which steps or components need to be considered, evaluated, or added will allow you to keep an overall plan in place for project management maturity so that your organization is following a standard roadmap to success. Keeping a project portfolio in order and managing it effectively involves many levels of evaluation over time, but the maturity levels are something that should be monitored carefully.

If your organization differs or has unique needs, you may need to define additional project maturity levels and areas of improvement. You can use a model or template to get a basic idea of what you are working with and then customize it to include the elements that are important to your business. There are a variety of software solutions and templates that will try to give you maturity models and tools to use, but you have to find the one that fits your business most effectively.

Your project management team should be involved in every stage of project assessment, including the development and evaluation of maturity levels as a project goes on. These levels will basically be steps or transitions into different areas of completion as a project grows and matures over time, and they need to be properly identified and analyzed to ensure that projects are proceeding accordingly and that goals are being reached. The PMM tool that you implement is essentially a roadmap that will outline the steps to success for your projects, including performance improvement and project advancement.

Evaluation is an important part of any project and your management team should know how to incorporate a project management maturity assessment to ensure that projects are going as planned over time.