4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Facebook Page

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FBIn terms of time and budget, small business owners are typically spread quite thin. There are barely enough hours to get everything accomplished, let alone sleep. More business owners than ever want to use Facebook to help them thrive, but they lack the hours in the day to make a significant impact. Try to devote just 10 to 15 minutes each day to your Facebook page for maintenance. Use your time to add a new photo, post a helpful link, and share information about changes within your company, your products or services. In order for your page to ensure success, it is essential to create engaging Facebook posts to attract and retain customers.

What can 10 minutes each day do for your business? Believe it or not, that small amount of time is enough to strengthen your relationship with your valued customers. Strong relationships are the foundation of any company, but especially important to those small in size.  The human factor must be put on a pedestal; this is what builds those strong bonds between your business and customers and helps your business thrive. Prior to or after an interaction with your company, Facebook continues to boost the growth of these emotional connections.

These four tips will help you get the most of your time on Facebook:

Share your services and products with photographs

Photographs are a great way to boost customer engagement because, by nature, people are innately visual. Photo posts tend to receive the highest number of likes compared to other posts, providing on average 50 percent more likes than a typical text status update.

Aim to create more excellent interactions between your customers and your photos on Facebook to drive word-of-mouth marketing. Your customers love to share the name of your business with their friends. They also are intrigued by what they cannot see; so let your customers take a look at what is happening with your business does behind closed doors. Showcase pictures of your employees and yourself hard at work. Again, this focuses on the human side of your business.

Schedule posts to automatically publish

Understandably, your time is valuable. If you have trouble finding a few minutes each day to dedicate to your page, schedule posts ahead of time to publish on any day you select. When you have a few extra minutes, set aside some time to schedule posts to ensure you are giving your business the essential coverage it needs on Facebook.  According to a study by Buddy Media, Wednesday’s have a spike in engagement rates 8% higher than the average rate. The same study also saw a 66% higher engagement rate on posts that are short, particularly less than 80 characters. This is great information to keep in mind as you compose and schedule posts.

Take advantage of the free app PostRocket created to help users reach more fans on Facebook. The powerful app designs eye-catching posts and maximizes their performance for greater customer engagement. Instead of feeling uncertain about the best time to publish your posts, PostRocket takes the guesswork out of the equation, and makes sure they are published at optimal times.

Add free apps to your page

Take a look at your Facebook page. There are four tabs located underneath your cover photo. One shows all of the photos that have been posted on your Facebook page. To customize your business, use the other tabs available. Add apps to these three tabs to make a more engaging experience for those who visit your page. This is a great place to have an email sign up, highlight upcoming events, showcase tweets, or anything else you think can help promote your business effectively. Search the Facebook App Center to find apps.

Interact and communicate with customers

Every time a person posts on your Facebook wall or any post made on your Facebook page, it is crucial to respond with relevant and perceptive information in a timely manner. To give your audience a positive experience, you need to answer questions, respond to compliments and deal appropriately with complaints. Remember, your Facebook community is comprised of more than just your current customers. Your potential customers are active in the social media world, too. It is essential to support them to help bolster their relationship with your business. These days, it’s important not to skimp on customer satisfaction so all businesses should know the keys to a satisfied customer. Customer satisfaction breeds loyalty. By creating loyalty, you can build a solid, lasting connection with your customers.

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