Improving Marketing Alignment Among Teams

John Follett

Unfortunately, most company departments, particularly in marketing, do not function as well as they could. Inevitably, overlap occurs among teams, and this can decrease company efficiency.

There are many ways a business can address this. One effective way is to increase the marketing alignment among departments.

Marketing Alignment

The reason for this is that increasing marketing alignment among departments can increase a company's effectiveness and it can streamline processes. Countless benefits arise from this.

In general, two of the largest departments are sales and marketing. Often, these teams have little discussion among them. There are a few ways to increase collaborate. One effective way is to provide responsibility of one manager over both parts of the company. In this situation, the position of a sales and marketing manager can be very effective. The reason is that this person can oversee both departments and make sure everything is operating effectively and efficiently. This is the strategy that many companies take to great effect.

If the two departments are run independently, it's important to facilitate communication between them. A weekly meeting with the members of both departments can be very effective in improving upon communication. Both areas of the company can report on what their goals are, and the difficulties they are seeing. Over time, companies tend to see greater collaboration among teams because of this.

When the aligned departments meet their goals, you can also provide rewards for both departments as a unified team. Anything that you can do to increase a sense of unity is going to be beneficial for the company as a whole. Providing rewards or special treats is a great way to encourage teams to continue to work with one another. In the end, the benefits to the company are countless and will be seen in a business's bottom line. Increasingly alignment may be challenging, however it is a very worthwhile goal.

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