What Makes An Effective Social Media Metrics Tool

John Follett

There are many social media metrics tools in the market. Very like each one promises they have the best combination of metrics for your company and product.

It is important to have a good social media metrics tool at your disposal, however it is also easy to go the wrong way and purchase the wrong type of metrics tool. It is a good idea to get a metrics tool that will provide you with a variety of essential metrics such as the ones below.

Social Media Metrics Tool


Reach is easy to understand. Reach is simply the amount of people that your campaign is reaching. It does not show you the whole picture but, if used in the right context with other metrics, is a great metric in understanding the scope and direction of your social media marketing campaign.

The size of your audience is going to grow with the right approach so it is better to look at just how your audience is growing. It is good to get a social media metrics tool that evaluates your audience across all social media networks. You may also want to see your audience per network and how those audiences are growing. Something that is effective on Facebook may not trend on Twitter, so you can customize you approach per network. You can combine the reach number with your engagement metric to find out the percentage of people that engaged in your campaign. It is effective to set a goal of increasing this percentage.


SOV stands for share of voice. This will give you an idea of how much your voice is being heard compared to your competitors. When you are mentioned on social media more than your competitors, your share of voice metric will rise. When they are mentioned more than you, your SOV number will fall. This is an easy way to analyze just how effective your campaign is over you competition. If they are winning the SOV numbers you can check out their approach and respond accordingly. SOV allows you to adapt your content to compete with your competitors directly.

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