Social Media Dashboard To Track Keywords

John Follett

Web advertisers understand that keywords are important. A keyword is a word or phrase that serves as a popular search term on the internet. If you want to make a certain product visible on the internet, it is important to understand the relevant keywords and to include them in your marketing campaign.

Social Media Dashboard

When a web user wants to look around for a specific product, they are likely to use a set of keywords to search for your product or service. If those keywords are present in your campaign then they are more likely to find your website, even if it is on social media. An effective social media marketing dashboard should track your keywords for you.

You can look at the competition for quality keywords as a way to attract your audience. The keywords announce to the search engines what your content, product and service is all about. The search engines “read” your content and construct an idea of what you are doing and it uses keywords to do so. It will rank you content on the amount of keywords that it finds and make it more visible to the web user when they search for it. It is important to keep track of your keywords with your social media dashboard.

An effective dashboard will tell you how many keywords you are using in your social media marketing campaign. It will track the amount of key words and phrases for you and display them in an easy to read metric right there on the homepage. This is essential because you will know what your campaign is all about.

If there are too many keywords, search engines may think your page is a bunch of spam. If there are not enough keywords then it will not recognize what your content is all about. It is good to strike a balance between the two when constructing an effective social media marketing campaign and the social media dashboard will show you just what words are used and where. A dashboard that keeps track of keywords is an effective tool in effective utilization of social media.

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