What To Include On Your Social Media Marketing Checklist

John Follett

A social media marketing checklist is important, and should include each part of your social media marketing strategy. This document can be so important that each member of your marketing team ought to be involved. This will help ensure that every person involved completely supports the plans. Ideally, there will be one person who is ultimately responsible for the strategy.

Social Media Marketing Checklist

After a team has been selected for this project, the next step is to gather all necessary information. You may have to go through a great deal of data from the prior year, but it will make it much easier to develop a strategy. You are likely to want to decide which strategies to keep, which ones to amend, and which ones to eliminate. This will be as important as deciding which new strategies to introduce.

Always keep an open mind about your options. Take a careful look at what products and services have and haven't sold as well, as well as those products and services that you would like to begin offering. 

Once you have all this information available, you will be in a better position to devise a social media marketing plan that can see you through in the coming year. Make sure you clearly outline all your goals with the help of management and other employees who are familiar with your marketing plans. This will eliminate the possibility of starting up using a strategy that does not truly fit your company's goals. You will see that the whole process is much easier when completed as a team effort. As you work on your plan, you will be able to visualize how everything will come together in one effort.

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