Why Is A Social Media Analysis Tool Important?

John Follett

Before you can begin utilizing a social media analysis tool, it is important to first understand what social media analytics is and what it can do for your company.

Although there are many definitions of social media analytics, each of these tend to touch upon the same items. Social media analytics is the tracking of preferences of your customers and/or potential customers. This entails what customers are looking at, what they respond most to, what they want and specifically, what they are saying about your brand.

Social Media Analysis Tool


It is really a comprehensive picture of who your clients are, what you are doing right and what you need to make changes to. In effect, you are studying social media implementations to gather important data that you can utilize to increase growth and profit in your business.

An analytics tool used for social media will allow you to build a picture that you can put into place before ever creating the campaigns you are using. You begin with a firm idea of what you want to know, having clear goals in mind before you put the plan into motion. Then you can use predetermined metrics to measure how reality is holding up to the goals you have in place. Are you customers or potential customers responding to your information? Are their responses measuring up to the predictions you made prior to beginning? Is the ROI (or return on investment) a success or a failure?

To clarify what data analysis includes, remember the following:

  • Customer data gathering
  • Measurement of performance
  • ROI

The resulting information enables companies to take the data and utilize strategies as needed. Changes can be made in whatever ways are necessary to improve brand recognition and ranking. Data can also be used to bolster customer service by changing that which is received negatively and replacing it with what you hear from your customers that they really want.

By showing your customers you are listening and willing to do what is necessary to keep them engaged and satisfied, you are guaranteeing yourself customer loyalty as well as increasing the potential for new clients. In short, a social media analysis tool, or tools, will be your pathway to understanding what drives your customers.

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