2013 Social Media Marketing Plans

John Follett

Today, it is no secret how important social media is to businesses large and small. In fact, more individuals are using social media now than they are watching television.

What this means is there is a huge market of opportunity waiting for companies who are savvy enough to get involved. However, one should not be mistaken - there are challenges that will need to be undertaken. It is one thing to realize that social media is something you need to be involved in, and it is another thing to jump in headfirst without first fully understanding what your goals are.

Social Media Marketing Plans


Social media marketing is a great way to develop widespread brand awareness, engage your customer base, and to encourage brand and customer growth.

Beyond offering your company tools, we have also implemented methodologies designed to help you fully understand what it is you want to do and how to get there. We have identified six stages of methodology. These are:

  • Identifying Your Objectives
  • Establishing Governance
  • Analyzing Stakeholders
  • Selecting Technology
  • Completing Your Plan
  • Launching Your Program

Within our carefully detailed social media marketing plan methodology, you will find dozens of tools and templates to help you craft a tailor-made social media marketing plan. If you are new to social media marketing, slightly knowledgeable, or even quite experienced, our methodology can help you create a marketing plan that is best suited to your goals.

We don’t just provide you with an outline, but rather we we walk you all the way through the process from start to finish. Use our strategy workbook, social media capabilities assessment and opportunity assessment to identify your main ideas, follow objectives, rate your best practice compliance, and define and set sales, marketing, and customer service based social media goals.

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