Should You Create A Social Media Strategy?

John Follett

A question for your business: Do you need a social media strategy, or are you able to solely write what you would like on social networks and hope for the best?

The reality of social media is that although you can do whatever you want, what you should do is probably different. When most companies start out with social media, they typically do not truly understand it. They understand that they need a presence on the most popular sites, but they aren't sure what to do beyond that.

Create A Social Media Strategy

A company may post a lot and talk to others online, however unfortunately many businesses do not realize that building a following and building a valuable following are not the same.

A strategy of how to handle a social media account is important. Businesses should consider:

  • A company's target market
  • Marketing budget
  • Time to devote to social media accounts
  • Length of time they've been on the sites
  • Conversion rates for those who click through from the site
  • Plans for their future on the social sites

Although these are not the only concerns, they are some of the most important. It is very important for a business to branch out and establish a presence on multiple sites in order to find more potential customers.

It is also very important for a business to avoid being pushy. Providing high quality content on the sites is the most effective way to get people interested in your business. If there is not much content, or if the company is just spamming out information all of the time, it's no wonder the business isn't doing well on social media sites. Planning a strategy can help the business determine where it's going wrong and make some course corrections.

The sooner a business figures out how to properly handle social media, the quicker it can see success in this area.

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