Defining A Social Media Capabilities Assessment

John Follett

If your company isn't very active in the social media scene, your company may want to consider a social media capabilities assessment. The reason is that is important that you are taking the right steps with social media.

Some companies pursue social media initiatives and assume that it will be an easy channel to pursue. In most cases though, this does not hold true. The majority of businesses will not benefit from social media unless they utilize it in the right way.

Social Media Capabilities Assessment

Having reasonable expectations is part of any social media capabilities assessment. Some social media sites are better for certain businesses or goals than other sites. It is also very important to use the social media sites that are most associated with the customers a company is trying to reach.

A company should not expect social media to fix all problems. Like any marketing campaign, only a small percentage of people who go to a company's social media page will actually visit and purchase an item. Companies should utilize social media as a part of a marketing strategy. Businesses that realize this and that utilize this media as much as possible as a part of their marketing strategy will see the highest benefit.

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