Optimizing Tradeshow Resources

John Follett

If you are a corporate marketing director or events manager, it is likely that your world revolves in part around being able to make useful tradeshow contacts. When you are looking to create an eye-catching tradeshow booth, you need to know exactly who to call to get the right results. When you need your tradeshow equipment shipped safely and reliably to the following show, it is important to have the right company to call.

Being able to optimize and utilize tradeshow resources means knowing how to take seemingly useless items and turning them into solutions. As an example, when you need office supplies at your tradeshow booth in Des Moines, it is important that you can contact the national office supplies company and have items delivered that same day.

Tradeshow Resources


In order to really optimize tradeshows though, you need to be creative. As an example, the resourceful manager knows how to contact local entertainment companies to recruit celebrity impersonators to help make a real impact at a trade show in Los Angeles. When it comes to getting a tradeshow booth to run smoothly, there is no such thing as a problem. There are only solutions waiting to occur.

Of course, the core of all of this resourcefulness is that the events manager can keep all of his contacts organized. It is one thing to know that you need new banners for your booth in Detroit, it is a whole different story to have the banner company at your disposal and ready to get you what you need in a hurry. There is no time to look up a phone number or make a relationship with a new company. That relationship needs to be in place and that phone number needs to be in the smartphone for immediate use.

People that thrive on pressure find event managing to be an extremely rewarding career. The most rewarding part is developing a network of resources that can solve problems. It is all part of understanding what it takes to keep a tradeshow booth going and how important it is to find solutions to problems.

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