Social Media: Boost Customer Loyalty

Jerry Rackley

Social Media BoostA top priority of all businesses, from small to large in size, is creating customer loyalty. Today’s businesses face the challenge of retaining their customers long after the initial sale. With the expansive number of businesses that offer comparable products and services, one of your biggest goals is probably to stand out and apart from others similar in nature. This means you need to find innovative ways to keep your customers just that—yours.

In this media-driven world, nearly every business will benefit by setting up accounts on social media sites. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow businesses to reach and engage their current and prospective customers. In fact, 11 million businesses now use Facebook pages, compared to the 8 million that have claimed their Google+ Local listing.

Social media websites help boost your customer loyalty. Send new customers to your social media accounts by incentivizing them to become your fan or friend. Offer a future discount in the form of a coupon, for giving your page a thumbs-up.

Build a Social Media Community

Once you have followers on your social media sites, your next step is creating novel ways to retain their business. Engage your customers on a frequent basis with special discounts and offers, fresh and relevant content and information they can get from your business exclusively. Make your social media community thrive by offering high-quality content on an unfailing basis. Oftentimes, this means ditching the sales tactics.

Customers do not join your community to receive an abundance of sales pitches.  Customers chose to follow businesses because they are attracted to reading quality information and want to be informed about upcoming sales, changes in business hours, and discontinued or new products.  About 50% of consumers think a brand’s Facebook page is more useful than a brand’s website, according to a recent study. Use your social media accounts to communicate helpful information to increase the likelihood of your customers coming to you with business in the future, and simultaneously help you develop your online community of followers. Share content that will build and strengthen your social media community. 

Reward Your Favorite Customers

Use social media to promote general sales, and consider giving your fans deals that no one else can offer them. Online-only promotions will bring your fans and followers back time and again and will build a community around your business.

Treat all of your customers with respect, all of the time. But remember, respect does not mean you have to treat them all precisely the same. The customers that take the time to sign up to be your friend or fan show an increased commitment and interest in your brand. Recognize them for their investment in your products and services. Offer a promotion where customers can like or share your page to earn them a chance to win a drawing of a small giveaway, a discounted item or another deal. Other people on the social media sites will see that the Internet is abuzz with excitement about your business, and will want to learn more about the products and services you offer.

Make customer satisfaction a priority of your company each and every time you interact with a customer. Turn your current customers into one’s that are satisfied and loyal, who then pull in more customers for you. When put to work properly, the circle created through the use of social media can generate additional customers for your business, while retaining your current ones.

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