How To Increase Sales Alignment Among Departments

John Follett

In many companies, departments function well enough as independent units that management can forget how important it is for departments to function as a part of a greater whole. Increasing alignment among departments can increase a company's overall efficiency and it can streamline many processes. Two of the most important departments for alignment are sales and marketing.

Sales Alignment

When possible, one effective way to increase alignment between departments that function close to one another is to place one manager over both parts of the company. In this situation, the position of a sales and marketing manager is ideal. This individual would ensure that the marketing department reaches out and sparks the interest of new clients, while the sales team effectively picks up right where marketing leaves off and closes the sale.

If the two departments are run independently, it's important to facilitate communication between them. A weekly meeting with the members of both departments is a good way to touch base. Both areas of the company can report on what their goals are, how they've been meeting them, and what challenges they're facing. Marketing may have the perfect answer for the current sales dilemma, and vice versa. Both departments are familiar with the customer and have done a great deal of work identifying the ideal client base.

Alignment is also increased when departments get together to create business plans. Goals that are set jointly between the departments are more likely to be met. As part of the planning process, it's important to define key terms and phrases. Talk about what strategies are and aren't working. Sales may be hearing that clients don't like the latest marketing newsletter. Reporting this back to marketing makes it easy for the departments to work together toward a solution.

When the sales aligned departments meet their goals, you can also provide rewards for both departments as a unified team. A special afternoon party, cookies in the break room, or another small treat are all rewards that everyone can enjoy. Anything that you can do to increase a sense of unity is going to be beneficial for the company as a whole. Alignment is a great way to streamline processes within the company and increase your overall efficiency. Once you begin the process of alignment, you'll be able to see the potential benefits very clearly.


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