Utilizing A Sales Steering Charter

John Follett

A common challenge for many companies arises when they need to review the results of their sales staff. One solution to this is to create a sales steering committee that can monitor results of a sales team.

Of course, creating a committee to handle challenges such as this involves more than finding a list of qualified individuals and putting them to work. In order to make a sale steering committee as efficient as possible, a team should consider developing a charter that will help set up ground rules, schedules, and develop an overall direction for the committee to take.

Sales Steering Charter

A sales charter allows a group to come up with a comprehensive list of responsibilities and to determine how often they are going to meet to discuss the progress or issues related to a sales committee. The committee will also be able to better set expectations for themselves if they have a clearly defined charter in place. Committees often have a difficult time when it comes to understanding who each individual should report to, which is another area where a charter can prove beneficial.

Keeping both the marketing and sales team on the same path when it comes to reaching certain goals requires a committee to set clear objectives and to have a clear list of processes in place that everyone can refer to. The committee can also prioritize certain strategies and even deal with allocation of resources based on the importance of a particular project.

Because keeping a sales team happy and productive means understanding and addressing any concerns that they may have, a sales steering committee can use their charter to also identify ways in which individuals who are not members of the committee can bring issues to the committee so that they can be dealt with.

The sales steering charter that has been developed should clearly define the role and duties of the committee as well as provide a list of all the members. A mandate that makes the goals of the committee very clear to everyone involved should also be included and it may be helpful to provide an area for each member to sign so that everyone is clear on the objectives that have been set forth. As beneficial as a sales steering committee can be, it is simply not enough to put together a committee without providing them with the direction they need to accomplish their goals. This is where a charter comes in.


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