The Importance Of Marketing Sales Alignment

John Follett

If your sales and marketing teams are operating independently from one another, you are missing out on great opportunities for increased profits and overall growth. An estimated 88% of the highest performing companies have sales and marketing teams that are carefully aligned. If you're not familiar with marketing and sales alignment, you should begin today to learn about how this simple act of reorganization can have a monumental impact on your business.

When your sales and marketing teams are operating independently from on another, they may be functioning with different goals. Both teams should have the same expectations, definitions, and goals. Sales and marketing can also benefit by sharing their strategies, insights, information, and tools. The same technology that helps marketing identify their target client base could help sales better connect with their leads.

Marketing Sales Alignment

Sales and marketing alignment will also help you to achieve your goals faster and more efficiently. When both teams are working toward the same end goal, your company is likely to reach it much faster. The two teams should get together to talk about the kind of ROI they want to see, the types of marketing campaigns that will work best, and the most successful way for sales to approach clients. Both departments are working with a very similar part of the company and may have valuable insights to share with one another.

When sales and marketing are both departments run from within the company, it is easier to have them be aligned. The departments can even be situated near one another so employees in both sales and marketing get to know each other. A designated person from the marketing team can sit in on sales meetings and vice versa, to make sure everyone is on the same page. When these activities are outsourced, however, alignment becomes more difficult.

To achieve sales and marketing alignment between outside companies, you'll need to work hard within your own company to facilitate clear lines of communication. It can be almost a full time job working with these two teams and ensuring that they agree on important points and understand what the other one is doing. However you accomplish sales and marketing alignment, it's important that you do. The success of your company relies upon every department working together with the others to create a single unified team. Sales and marketing are two of the most important areas to align.


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