Receiving The Most Out Of Your Team With A Steering Committee Charter Template

John Follett

If you have already come to the conclusion that a steering committee can help better define the roles of the sales and marketing team at your company, the next step is to create a clearly defined list of duties and responsibilities for each member of the committee.

Many companies that put together a committee fail to develop a charter for the committee, which often leads to discord and dysfunction rather than effective leadership and problem-solving. Fortunately, it only takes about an hour to create a charter if you use a steering committee charter template. A charter template will allow you to quickly and easily decide on the direction that the committee will take, set scheduling, and even develop ground rules that the committee will use to handle meetings.

Steering Committee Charter Template

One of the first things to consider when using a steering charter committee template is the common list of responsibilities that each member will share. This makes it easier for the committee to work effectively since there will be no question as to who is responsible for what. You should also take this opportunity to clearly define when the committee will meet and how often they will meet so that every member can plan ahead accordingly.

A steering committee charter template also allows you the opportunity of clearly outlining the expectations of the committee so that they have a clear goal to work towards. Individuals on the committee, as well as those that they oversee, can also refer to the chart when it comes to determining who each individual should report to.

As important as a steering committee charter can be, if you simply do not have the time to create one completely on your own or if you are unsure as to what specific areas need to be addressed, a template will make the entire process easier. Rather than watching a committee slowly fall to pieces because of discord and tension, you can set the tone at the outset with a well-designed and comprehensive steering committee charter.


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