Brand Intranet And Maintaining Consistency

John Follett

Branding is an important part of any successful business. From the company logo to its recognizable font colors, creating a brand is all about creating instant recognition and setting yourself apart from competitors. This can be accomplished by maintaining consistency in letterhead, company trucks, on the company’s website, but additionally, developing your brand on the company’s intranet is just as important.

Carrying your organization’s brand over to the company intranet will help boost employee morale and keep personnel focused. Employees are often kept in the dark about the big picture, so make those long-term goals available for every staff member to view. This helps them keep things in perspective and gives them a sense that their part on the team is valuable.

Brand Intranet

A web-based company intranet is the ideal place to post company newsletters, the corporate mission statement and vision, and training material. Keep employees motivated with weekly strategies, tips, or motivational quotes. Since the intranet allows employees to communicate across departments, they can easily clarify any questions and pass along information more effectively. It’s also a good idea to develop an area on the intranet that highlights an outstanding employee, such as an employee of the month. Highlighting individual achievement gives that employee a sense of accomplishment, and it gives other employees something to strive for, creating a better, more productive work environment.

Although you are not branding the intranet to consumers, it’s equally important to create a recognizable brand for employees. Abide by your organization’s graphic use policy and have the company name, logo, and other identifying designs displayed on every brand intranet page. Use company colors and font for text when you can, and make sure these identifying features are on any electronic brochures, PowerPoints, and corporate videos. Additionally, maintain electronic signatures where needed, such as a posted letter from the CEO or high-ranking manager. This makes employees feel more connected to their superiors, even if they never see them during their time spent working there.

To break it down, a properly branded intranet will feature a consistent site design and layout while being easy to use, and will promote product value. Maintain these branding guidelines by writing a graphic use policy or intranet manual that all employees who have access to the intranet have to abide by.


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