The Director Of Web Development

John Follett

Hiring a Director of Web Development is important to an organization because web development is a vital part of branding and building a credible reputation. When looking to fill this important position, it is important to make sure you and any hiring managers know exactly what the job entails before going forward with interviews.

The Director of Web Development is responsible for reporting to the sales and marketing VP or its equivalent. The right person for this position will implement all product and corporation websites, as well as will contribute to their ongoing development and maintenance. It’s a job that requires in-depth knowledge of website development and other technical solutions, but it also means working with stakeholders in order to best capture the organization’s goals and business requirements.

Director Of Web Development

A Director of Web Development should hold a four-year degree in business, IT, or a related field, and a higher degree may be preferable. If a candidate does not hold a business degree, he or she should have plenty of computer programming experience.

The right candidate should have strong project management skills and management experience. Problem solving and analytical thinking capabilities are certainly a plus, as is the ability to work on a team and develop strong relationships with executives. It goes without saying that the right person for the job will have outstanding written and oral communication skills and advanced computer skills. These advanced computer skills should include experience in HTML, Java, ASP, C++, and others. If travel is required, state this openly in the job requirements section of your job listing.

You want to find a candidate that can set new standards for design, create new web pages, and develop an online infrastructure while working in conjunction with the marketing team. Quality control and navigation analysis checks are also a must, as are gathering web metrics and making reports on trends. The right candidate for this position will be a crucial addition to your team, so make all these responsibilities and qualifications known up front, down to the last detail.


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