The Power of Community

Jerry Rackley

By Jerry Rackley

I had a conversation last week with a Demand Metric member, the kind of conversation I wish I had more often. This particular member reached out to us because in his attempt to use one of our resources, he saw something that didn’t seem quite right, and he wanted to let us know about it.

I listened as Bob, the member to whom I’m referring, described the problem he detected in one of our methodologies. Bob is a smart, experienced professional whose opinion deserved a full hearing. As it turns out, I felt that Bob was right and I updated the content we discussed. A better version of it now exists in the Demand Metric content library.

Everyone wins through this exchange. Although Bob didn’t set out to do this intentionally, he provides a beautiful illustration of the power of community. None of us is as smart as all of us, and when we interact this way, we’re able to leverage the vast repository of intelligence the Demand Metric community represents, for the benefit of everyone in it.

Demand Metric is on the threshold of entering its sixth year of doing business. During that time, we’ve created a publishing engine that researches marketing best practices and distills them into practical tools and templates that save our members time, helping them work smarter. The size of our content library now approaches 500 tools, templates, guides and methodologies – a pretty impressive collection. But they deliver value only when a member downloads and uses them.

Most of our members sign up for membership, login to the Demand Metric site as needed to download content, and go about their business. This certainly works and we’re grateful for all our members who do that. What we wish to convey is the understanding that membership works best when it’s bidirectional. Those who follow Bob’s example in the end help themselves, not just other members. If you have something you wish to share, we want to hear it: comments, compliments and criticisms. Every resource on the Demand Metric website has comment and sharing mechanisms built in to the web page. We encourage you to use them or simply contact us directly.


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