Importance Of Using An Account Planning Template

John Follett

When you are operating an account-based sales business, there will be specific reporting tools needed by your company’s management team, marketing department, and sales personnel. Where the status of your key accounts is concerned, these reporting tools can be invaluable. When you need to be provided with reports possible on the status of your key accounts, it will be to your benefit to use a customizable account planning template. You can customize this key account reporting tool to include a number of elements, including factors such as annual revenue generated by each key account, key contact and decision-making personnel, and any other important information associated with that account.

Acccount Planning Template

Key Account Strategic Planning

The primary elements of sales account planning strategies should include many parts, including:

  • • Account and territory assessment
  • • Accountability of the sales person
  • • Approach to take with each account
  • • Contingency (back-up) plans
  • • Goals you want to achieve
  • • Objectives of your sales planning strategy
  • • Opportunities that exist with each key account
  • • Organizational assessment of your sales team
  • • Resources needed to achieve goals
  • • Risks involved
  • • Understanding the needs of each key account


These different elements can be included in your account planning template and individualized to facilitate each of your key accounts. What you have to remember is that your key account planning strategy is a necessary component to your sales success.

The Benefits of Using an Account Planning Template

The primary benefit provided to sales and sales management teams when using an account planning template for their reporting is that it will help to effectively prepare and stay focused on the goals and objectives of each individual key account. Additionally, it better enables the person handling their key accounts to achieve their goals and objectives. Lastly, one of the most important benefits of using an account planning template is that it will help key account executives to positively impact their prospect’s business by using the information needed to tailor those templates individually.


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