Revenue Automation and B2C Marketing Automation: the Death of Email Marketing?

Jerry Rackley

By Jerry Rackley

As a long-time practitioner and beneficiary of email marketing, I’ve tried to stay current on how this marketing channel is evolving. I’ve noticed an interesting trend in both the B2B and B2C worlds of marketing automation.

In the B2B world, the adoption of marketing automation began accelerating over four years ago.  Today, most B2B marketers know what marketing automation is, and many of them have transitioned from B2B email marketing to more advanced B2B marketing automation. In my opinion, the reason for this migration is simply better, more advanced technology at a lower cost.  A plethora of marketing automation platforms now serve the B2B world that are in general producing amazing results at a very reasonable price point.

I confess that I’m guilty of a little hyperbole in the headline of this post. Pardon the drama; email marketing is not really dead. But it has evolved into a more robust marketing automation platform.  We’re following an emerging marketing methodology called Revenue Automation forged by a B2C marketing automation agency in Canada that helps companies get organized and make the transition from old email marketing to advanced B2C marketing automation. The Revenue Automation methodology is designed to streamline the integration of advanced B2C marketing automation implementations by ensuring the underlying content marketing, marketing channels, and overall measurement are synced to the company’s marketing objectives.

This B2C marketing automation transition is déjà vu all over again, mirroring the trail blazed by the B2B marketing automation pioneers. B2C companies are now looking at their email platforms that cost too much and deliver too little and are catching the wave of more advanced B2C marketing automation platforms.

This evolution demonstrates the cyclical nature of marketing. It is always interesting to see how the wave of change progresses and repeats itself.  If a B2C revenue automation initiative is in your future, a great place to start is with the Demand Metric Marketing Automation Maturity Assessment.  Good luck automating your marketing!


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