Much Ado About Methodologies

Jerry Rackley

“Though this be madness, yet there is method in 't.” Polonius, from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2

I’m certain Shakespeare wasn’t referring to marketing in this scene from Hamlet, yet I find application to our work. So much of what we marketers do is artistic and creative. How dare the uninitiated even think about regulating our processes with a methodology! Yet, we realize that a formula and some structure is indeed very helpful for completing our work. This is particularly true when we’re a little short on experience for doing some of the big things marketers must do, like develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to present to the board. A method, nay, a methodology, is very helpful.

For many years now, Demand Metric has published tools and templates that help marketers get things done and save time in the process. The underlying assumption is that the user always knows what to do with the tool. So if you’re overhauling or just fine-tuning your marketing engine, we provide the tools and assume you know what to do with them. But what if you're not an experienced marketing mechanic? The tools aren’t as helpful then. Out of this understanding, the Demand Metric methodologies (also called Playbooks) were born. This content category provides step-by-step instructions to help build strategic processes. It helps put many of our tools into context by wrapping them in a broader process. So, Demand Metric methodologies and playbooks combine expertise and best practices with Demand Metric tools & templates. They lead users to build, execute and measure critical marketing processes ranging from Agency Management, to Lead Generation, Marketing Strategy and Web Redesign by defining these endeavors into a series of action steps. Demand Metric methodologies are ideal for:

  • Organizations without the expertise in the subjects the methodologies address
  • Organizations that have a process already but wish to benchmark and improve it
  • Consultants who need to teach clients about these strategic processes

Demand Metric methodologies are free and available for download and sharing from the Demand Metric website. To use one, simply download and review it. All the methodologies are broken into stages, each containing a sequence of steps that when followed, leads the user through research, planning and implementation tasks to build a process. Completion of many of the steps is aided by the use of other Demand Metric tools. To learn more about Demand Metric methodologies or to get help using them, simply contact us.