Customer Management 2011

Jesse Hopps

Extending CRM-based Collaboration across the Enterprise

Customers are driving the business agenda for all organizations regardless of size, industry, or geography. As such, companies are seeking to optimize the experience and interactions that prospects and customers have with their organization's products, services, and people at every touch-point throughout the marketing-sales-service cycle. The complexity of capturing and disseminating customer data, however, is magnified by the growing number of channels available to interact with our customers – and vice-versa. Aberdeen hypothesizes that the ability for organizations to synchronize workflows, processes, data, and knowledge across disparate / distinct functions such as service, sales, and marketing is a critical factor that distinguishes best-in-class results in customer management. As such, Aberdeen is taking a holistic look at customer management and best-practices in CRM deployments across the enterprise in 2011.

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