Sales and Marketing Alignment

Jesse Hopps

Collaboration + Cooperation = Peak Performance

Organizations in 2010 remain under economic pressure to accomplish more with less, as companies endeavor to achieve and sustain recessionary profitability through top-line revenue growth. Sales and marketing alignment is critical for this growth as it encompasses the areas of common goal identification, defined responsibilities, and established workflows that are essential in producing optimal results.

In August of 2010, Aberdeen Group's Marketing Strategy and Effectiveness research practice surveyed 453 companies to assess the state of sales and marketing alignment. This report will review the common processes, capabilities, technologies, and metrics used by top-performing organizations to ensure sales and marketing alignment as well as tight operational synergy that, in turn, delivers greater top line revenue growth.

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Best-in-Class organizations “land and expand” their alignment strategy by creating and enhancing their capabilities to further the cause that many companies haven’t even started to address. Figure 3 illustrates how the top performing companies develop specific, focused capabilities to turn an alignment strategy into operational skills.

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