Performing a Solid GAP Analysis

Jesse Hopps

Examining your current situation, proposing a new situation, and evaluating the gaps between the two, is central to the strategic planning process. Use Demand Metric's GAP Analysis Tool to document gaps in areas that need to be core competencies.

What are Common Sales & Marketing Gaps?

  • Strategic Planning & Governance - do you have a prioritization process?
  • Business Data & Information Assets - do you have access to metrics?
  • Customer Relationship Management - is your CRM system limited?
  • Demand Generation - do you conduct lead scoring or lead nurturing?
  • Sales - are you conducting key account strategic planning currently?
  • Performance Measurement - how well does your company measure?
  • Market Intelligence & Research - do you know your market share?
  • Organizational Development - are your training programs up-to-date?
  • Human Resources - are you conducting skills assessments?

Action Plan:

    1. Identify Target Items - use Demand Metric's GAP Analysis Tool (Advanced) to identify target items that can be improved. Ensure that your target is aligned with senior management's goals & objectives to ensure you will be supported.
  1. Document Current & Goal State - determine your current state of maturity and propose a new situation for the future. Establish a timeline for resolving the GAP that is realistic, given organizational resources and priority level.
  2. Define Action Items - work backwards from the goal-state to identify which actions need to be taken in order to achieve your objective. Initiate projects or delegate tasks that are required to move the organization forward.