Joining Insightful Marketing Blogs

Jesse Hopps

Joining Insightful Marketing Blogs

With the explosion of user-generated content (UGC) on the Internet, it makes business sense to monitor what is being said about your brand; but also, to gain insights from experts who help others to learn by sharing their best practices.

Recommended Blogs to Join:

* Demand Generation Expert - Steve Gershik, Director of Marketing Innovation at Eloqua, is a recognized authority for developing world-class demand generation. Check out his blog, 'The Innovative Marketer' to learn best practices, join online discussions, and network with your peers.
* B2B Lead Generation - Brian Carroll, CEO at InTouch, Inc., has been quoted by many leading publications and is regarded as a lead generation expert. Visit and participate to his blog at 'B2B Lead Generation Blog'.
* The Marketer's Consortium - sponsored by Unica, 'The Marketer's Consortium' is an excellent vessel for discussion related to the challenges faced by professional marketers, and is frequented by many industry experts.
* Marketing Performance Measurement - Pat Lapointe, Managing Partner of MarketingNPV, offers excellent advice for solving the most difficult measurement problems and implementing marketing dashboards. Be sure to add 'Marketing Measurement Today' to your list daily visited sites.
* Marketing Best Practices - Anne Holland, President of MarketingSherpa, regularly updates the SherpaBlog to provide practical case-studies and know-how for marketing executives.

Action Plan:

1. Visit & Join - take 5 minutes to visit each blog and determine which are most relevant for your organization. Subscribe to blogs that help you learn more about the top priorities in your department.