Evaluating Candidate Interviews

Jesse Hopps

So you have just finished a round of 5 interviews, and most of the candidates seem to be competent enough; how are you going to select the right person? With so many factors influencing hiring decisions, and so much risk of making the wrong hire, you need a method for quickly, effectively, evaluating each of the candidates. Use Demand Metric's Interview Evaluation Matrix to eliminate the guesswork.

What are Decision-Making Criteria for Hiring?

  • Relevant Experience - Has the candidate worked in your industry before? Have they demonstrated a deep understanding of your business? How recent is their relevant experience? What are their academic credentials?
  • Skill Set - does the candidate have the leadership, communication, problem-solving, analytical, project management, technical, performance measurement, and general management skills required for the position?
  • Professionalism - did the candidate offer references? Were they on-time and professionally dressed? Was their attitude calm and confident? Do you feel that the answers to your questions displayed honesty and integrity?
  • Knowledge of Position - do you feel that the candidate really understands what it will take to be successful in this job? Did they provide a plan of attack to take your organization from its current state to the goal state?
  • Personality & Fit - is this candidate a good fit for your company culture? Did everyone else agree that this person would be well received by staff? How enthusiastic and self-motivated do you believe this candidate will be?

Action Plan:                 

      1. Be Prepared - use Demand Metric's Interview Questions Tool to create a set of standardized questions you can reuse for future interviews.
      2. Conduct your Interviews - use your Interview Questions Tool to control the discussion. Listen carefully to each response and read body language.
      3. Evaluate Each Candidate - use our Interview Evaluation Matrix to conduct an apples-to-apples comparison for each of your candidates.
    1. Make the Hiring Decision - use your evaluation to select the right person.
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