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2015 SESummit - CallidusCloud

Sales and marketing are often debating on the quality and usability of content. Sales either can’t find content or aren’t satisfied with the content they do find. Marketing thinks the content they create hits the nail on the head. There is an obvious disconnect. To make matters worse, marketing doesn’t know if the content they’re creating is missing the mark or it simply isn’t in the hands of sales reps.

So how do companies fix the big content problem? How do companies know if it is a content visibility or quality problem? Most will implement technology that makes promises of consolidating and fixing the problem once and for all. But these knee-jerk reactions often don’t fix the problem, they simply move the problem.

Jennifer King, Product Marketing Manager at CallidusCloud, will walk you through how to identify and fix your sales content problem through a step-by-step process. This webinar takes place at 3:00 PM EDT on September 29th and will help you identify the problem, define its scope, and develop a strategy to solve the problem.

We hope to see you at our Sales Enablement Virtual Summit!



2015 SESummit - Skura/PointClickCare

Get the story about one company’s journey to Sales Enablement:

PointClickCare had an inconsistent sales process, each rep managed their own set of materials, and there were no analytics. Angelo Papatheodorou implemented SKURA SFX to address his sales team’s needs.

In this session, Angelo is joined by Jeff Wessinger, President of SKURA Corporation, to discuss the PointClickCare Sales Enablement implementation, the benefits that come from it, and how the Sales Enablement space is evolving.

This presentation will be happening at 2:30 PM EDT on September 29th at our Sales Enablement Virtual Summit. We hope to see you there!



2015 SESummit - Qvidian

There’s a lot of talk about personalizing the buying experience and the reality is, it isn’t easy and engaging buyers is difficult. Today’s buyer does expect a better experience but sales organizations struggle to adapt.

On September 29th @ 2:00pm EDT, join Geoffrey James of, as he shares a radically new approach to personalize and improve the buying experience through sales emails that actually work.

Joining James will be Dr. Tom Sant, who will show you how to apply this method to all sales content. Together they will show you how to write a sales message that gets people to open and read it, and fires them up to respond.

This webinar takes place during the 2015 Sales Enablement Virtual Summit. You’ll learn how to:

  • Better understand your buyer
  • Cut through the clutter
  • Craft compelling messages that people will actually read



2015 SESummit - Marketo

In this Digital Marketing Bootcamp session, you’ll learn tips and techniques for improving conversion rates and driving more business through sales and marketing alignment.

Key topics include:

  • Why sales and marketing alignment is important
  • How the two teams can define common terms, set common goals, and utilize lead scoring
  • How to structure your organization to promote alignment
  • How to create service-level agreements

This presentation will be happening at 1:30 PM EDT on September 29th at our Sales Enablement Virtual Summit. We hope to see you there!



2015 SESummit - Act-On Software

Did you know that 45% of your website visitors will purchase from either you or your competition in the next 12 months? And of those buyers 75% will purchase form the first salesperson who contacts them? Marketing automation can help you be on the right side of these numbers because it gives sales team’s new and expansive visibility into the buyer’s journey.

Join industry expert Janelle Johnson, Senior Director of Demand Generation of Act-On Software, as she shows the benefits of using marketing automation to help sales improve efficiency, and achieve higher close rates. In this webinar you will learn:

  • Tips for determining your hottest prospects
  • How to effectively engage your prospects and eliminate cold calling
  • The steps to achieve alignment with Marketing and Sales
  • How to shorten your sales cycle and close more deals

This presentation will be happening at 1:00 PM EDT on September 29th at our Sales Enablement Virtual Summit. We hope to see you there!



2015 SESummit - Showpad

Content is a nexus between the sales and marketing functions in most organizations: marketing produces the content and sales uses it. The dynamics of this content process are not difficult to understand, but content creation, deployment, usage and feedback loop is often a point of friction between sales and marketing.

In this presentation, Demand Metric and Showpad share the results of their joint research that provides insights into the sales-marketing relationship around content, and how it affects sales interactions. Because content is so often the key to successful sales interactions, it merits constant attention and improvement efforts. The information shared during this presentation will help improve the content process to get better results from it.

This special keynote presentation will be happening at 12:30 PM EDT on September 29th at our Sales Enablement Virtual Summit. We hope to see you there!



2015 SESummit - Skura

Sales Enablement is a cross-functional discipline that links corporate business goals with tactical execution on the sales and marketing front. Skura and Demand Metric recently completed research to learn what Sales Enablement practices are in use and whether they are living up to expectations.

This presentation will share the results of this research, including the commitment to Sales Enablement, the content assets it helps deliver, the benefits adherents are getting from it, and how content is affected by the presence of a Sales Enablement process.

This special keynote session takes place at 12:0 PM EDT on September 29th at our Sales Enablement Virtual Summit. We hope to see you there!



2015 SESummit - TSN

On June 17th, John Follett, CMO of Demand Metric, and Matthew Ley, President of The Streaming Network, joined forces to discuss the current State of the Webinar Union providing insights into how to map your Webinar Content so that you can accelerate prospects through the buying cycle.

In this, the 3rd installment in our series, John and Matt will be discussing how marketers are teaming up with sales leadership, L&D and other cross-functional teams to better enable sales forces using Webinars and virtual engagement tools.

Matt and his team have produced over 15,000 Webinars and Virtual events over the past 8 years and; in this webinar, we will be coming to you live from their corporate studio where they routinely host their Better Webinars series.

This webinar will be a discussion where we will cover:

  • The Webinar as a sales training tool
  • Getting sales buy-in and alignment on marketing initiatives
  • Ensuring everyone is using the same voice when talking to customers

This special keynote session takes place at 11:30 AM EDT on September 29th at our Sales Enablement Virtual Summit. We hope to see you there!



The U.S. Census Bureau tells us that there are just under 30 million businesses operating in the United States. A frequently cited U.S. Commerce Department survey noted that eight out of ten new businesses close up shop within their first five years. Avoid roadblocks to growing your business and make it a point to put together a solid business plan – it can literally be the difference between success and failure.

A solid five-year business plan is a crucial stepping-stone to making your business goals come to fruition and is one of many big business growth strategies your small business can use. Make sure to forecast growth, anticipate some debt and clearly define a mission statement for your enterprise.

aug chamber of commerce post

As you draft your five-year plan, focus on the following points to help you put together a well-constructed one:

1. Identify and Define Your Goals and Priorities

Create a list of short- and long-term goals. Choose ones that are SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed. These goals can act as guides as you work through your business plan for growth, and will help you best focus your efforts on doing what it takes to achieve your goals. Be realistic about where your business is at the time the plan is being created and use this as a guide to set goals that make sense for your business.

2. Set-up a Timeline with Milestones

It’s essential to set up a timeline with some attainable goals to hold you accountable and allow you to be able to mark your progress. Include details such as the number of customers you hope to acquire, and any additional employees you may need to bring on to accommodate business growth. Focus on how these activities will act as building blocks to achieving your goals for growth.

3. Profile Competitors

Take a look at your competitors if you are new in the business, and if not, figure out any emerging competition. Reflect on how your competition can alter your goals for growth. An emerging business may lead you to change your prices and the speed at which you can deliver products and/or services. Make sure you work diligently to maintain the highest quality services for your customers at all times.


Business plans are often associated with start-up businesses alone. However, an evolving, written business plan is key to help any company act proactively and lead to greater business success.

How did you construct a lucid business plan?


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