Digital Marketing Benchmark Session 900

In a Demandbase and Demand Metric joint study, over 90% of participants rated digital marketing as important or very important to achieving marketing objectives. The term “digital marketing” is now so broad it is difficult to represent all that happens under its definition. This study looked closely at the current lineup of digital marketing strategies to understand what’s in use and how well they are working. In the fast changing realm of digital marketing, knowing what works well is a source of competitive advantage.

Join Demandbase and Demand Metric for a keynote presentation to get the results of this digital marketing benchmark study whose scope includes: digital marketing goals, strategies, solutions, metrics, market targets, challenges and directions. Learn about the current state of digital marketing and get some benchmarks to fine-tune your own efforts.

You’re invited to attend a special keynote presentation during our Demand Generation Virtual Summit.

We hope to see you on November 19th!

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new research on organic SEO

Demand Generation is a major line in many marketing budgets. That’s why before building our 2015 demand generation plan, we needed to learn more about the role of SEO in demand generation, and the current state of the demand generation process. Here are a few key findings from our research study:

75% of respondents are neutral to very dissatisfied with the monthly volume of leads their demand generation process produces. 

94% of organizations that are investing heavily in demand generation agree that their organic online presence is critical to their success

What are marketing organizations doing today to achieve the greatest success with Demand Generation? Do organizations see differences in the quality of leads produced through paid versus earned media? 

On November 19th at 11:00am EST, join Demand Metric Chief Analyst Jerry Rackley and Amy Holtzman, Director of Demand Generation at Conductor, as they discuss the results of this study and provide marketers with benchmarks and insights to ensure your demand generation process and plan strikes the right balance between paid and earned media usage, while better understanding the value of SEO and the website experience in demand generation. 

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Act On Session

In recent Demand Metric research, over two-thirds of survey participants say their Demand Generation process is neutral to very ineffective.  What is the future of Demand Generation, and how can marketers stay ahead of the curve and prepare for it?

Join Demand Metric chief analyst Jerry Rackley and Atri Chatterjee, Chief Marketing Officer at Act-On Software, as they talk about the current state of Demand Generation, where it is heading and what marketers need to do about it now.

This session takes place during our upcoming Demand Generation Virtual Summit!

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Vidyard Session HP2

So you’re producing more video content for your online marketing and demand generation programs. Your audiences love it and it’s proving to be a better way to educate prospects and inspire action. Now wouldn’t it be great if you could track WHO is watching each video, how long they are staying engaged, and use that data to enhance your lead scoring and nurturing programs? Well, this is your lucky day! On November 19th, join Tyler Lessard, CMO from Vidyard to learn how to:

  • Use video as an integrated part of content marketing and email marketing programs
  • Identify individual viewers and track their viewing histories across all distribution channels
  • Push video viewing activity data into Marketing Automation to enhance lead scoring and qualification
  • Use video analytics to optimize videos for engagement and conversion
  • Use video strategically to generate more MQLs and convert prospects faster

This webinar takes place at our upcoming Demand Generation Virtual Event. 

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Marketo Session

You probably already know that alignment between marketing and sales teams is important — but how do you make it work? Is it even possible?

Join Heidi Bullock, VP of Demand Generation Marketing and Michael Mansour, Sr. Manager of Sales Development at Marketo, as they discuss how to more effectively align marketing and sales, and ultimately win more business!

Listen in to discover:

  • Steps to create a high-performing sales organization
  • New ways to think about your revenue cycle
  • Best practices for sales development

This session takes place at our upcoming Demand Generation virtual event!

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On Nov 19th, join Giles House, CMO of @CallidusCloud, who shares a 10 step plan for balancing lead quantity with sales’ desire for lead quality

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Callidus session

Why are so many marketing organizations goaled on lead quantity and then slammed by sales for delivering leads that will never close? It’s because these organizations haven’t addressed the issue of balancing lead quantity and quality.

On November 19th, join Giles House, CMO of CallidusCloud, as he share a 10-step plan for balancing need for enough leads to fill the pipeline with sales’ desire for ready-to-buy leads. By establishing common definitions, using the right tools, and building features into your marketing campaigns that target quality leads, you can generate better leads and help sales and marketing alignment in your organization.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s critical for sales and marketing to share the same data
  • How optional fields in forms can enable qualified leads to identify themselves
  • What to look for in each sales-rejected lead to improve lead quality

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The roles and responsibilities of the marketer have changed a great deal over the last few years due to significant changes in the functionality and usage of technology.

Salesforce’s infographic “The Modern Marketer: Part Artist, Part Scientist” describes the new job description for an effective marketer. Today’s marketers need to be able to develop creative, visually appealing concepts that will drive customer engagement and generate leads for sales. At the same time, marketers must be proficient in analyzing metrics to understand campaign performance, be able to implement and manage large-scale technologies and be well-versed in managing a budget for countless initiatives.

The skill requirements for marketers in this generation have shifted by leaps and bounds. Demand Metric’s primary research, technology reviews, concept methodologies and practical tools can help you stay on top of both the creative and analytical components of being a modern marketing pro.

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The customer experience is every bit as important in B2B as B2C.  Those of us in B2B marketing can gain valuable insights from those in the B2C realm who are doing customer engagement right.  This post suggests three things B2C experiences offer that your B2B customers might be missing.

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Its no secret that advocacy software can help a company create brand champions from their customers. What is lessor known is how customer advocates can help a company hire a great new employee. This case study from Influitive is a good example of the power of customer advocates. 

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